Indulge in Artisanal Bliss: Explore the Delights of DiForti Pastries

By Helen Hunt on 13/05/24

Taste of Sicily first started trading in 1875 in Caltanissetta, Sicily as a processor of olives. True to their heritage, the family name of Diforti has become the brand and the factory is still in the same town, although it is much larger than it was and is now state of the art.


Today, the Diforti range encompasses an extensive range of Italian foods and their range of Italian pastries in particular has become spectacularly popular during  the eight years since it was launched eight years ago.


Cannoli are the most well known of all Sicilian pastries and are synonymous with the island of Sicily itself. The crunchy pastry is filled with a rich, velvety cream which is available in many flavours. Aragostine are also a very popular part of our pastry range. These crunchy, cream-filled pastries are in the shape of lobster tails – Aragosta is Italian for lobster – and Aragostine means they are little ones. Aragostine are also available with a wide range of cream fillings as our Cannoli.


Cannoli and Aragostine are traditionally enjoyed with a cup of coffee, but are equally enjoyable as a treat at any time of day.