Planning for Brexit

We would like to update you and share the ongoing Brexit plans and our commitment to you. We aim to uphold our service levels and continue to support your business through a changing landscape.

As your supplier, we have been working on controlled procedures to ensure a smooth transition. As part of Ambrosi S.p.A, a global cheese producer and distributor in over 60 markets within the Europe Union and across the world, the network provides us with robust opportunities that will support you in this time of change.

We are committed to minimizing, any damage to all partners and customers and we are confident that the food industry will adapt. As an industry we do need to be mindful that it will take time for significant changes to be integrated into the food supply chain, but we are determined to make sure the journey there is as smooth as possible.

The UK Transition

The UK has left the EU. There is now a transition period until the end of 2020 while the UK and EU negotiate additional arrangements. EU law continues to apply in the UK during the transition period, including rules on food. During the transition period, businesses will be able to trade with the EU on the same terms as before. There are no immediate changes that will come into effect before 1 January 2021. Leaving the EU has not changed our prime concern, which is to ensure that our products remain safe. Our high standard of food safety and consumer protection will be maintained. We are committed to having in place a robust and effective regulatory regime which will mean business can continue as normal. This means your business can operate as always and we aim to have as little changes or disruptions as possible.

Product Tariffs

We do foresee product tariffs bringing inevitable changes and it is imperative that we give you as much notice as possible. We are working closely with our supply chain for effectual communications. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Supply Chain

Presently, the total Rowcliffe range ratio is 50% European and 50% British. With long term relationships with producer partners in both Europe and Britain, we do want to continue supporting our European circle of friends - the artisanal producers and their exclusive range that delivers a strong in-store proposition for you. We have also been increasingly working with our key local UK producers on new product development and strategic sourcing to ensure a range that delivers not only a commercially valuable offer but a point of difference for your sector. After all the market challenges remain the same.   

With or without Brexit, we have always continued to commit to responsible sourcing, upholding product integrity, provenance and sustainability.

Euro Vs Sterling

The long-term performance of the sterling is uncertain. We will continuously monitor developments with our supply chain. Our key priority is to communicate this asap to you so you are able to incorporate these changes into your business operations and allow for as much planning and range strategy as much as possible. As always, we are available to support your range and in-store activity to ensure commercial opportunities are not lost.


In preparation of logistical changes, which may develop into delivery issues or delays, we have continuously been in talks with suppliers and Freight Forwarding logistics companies to draft future delivery schedules and correlated procurement timelines.

Future with Rowcliffe

As your supplier, we have focused on putting measures in place to ensure minimal disruption to you and your business. Rowcliffe best practice is driven not only across the key business departments, but heavily led by the Ambrosi network and aligned with our dedicated supply chain. Our strategic focus for the coming years is to ensure fully integrated support whilst we ride out the changes. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.  

Sunit Mehta                                                                                                                                                            Managing Director